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Project Description
OAuth2 Authorizer helps you get the access code for a standard OAuth2 REST service that implements 3-legged authentication.

NuGet Package
LiteBlog uses DropBoxClient to backup files.


A sequence diagram of how OAuth2 and OAuth2 Authorizer works:


Create BuiltIn Authorizer

var dropboxAuthorizer = AuthorizerBuilder.Create(BuiltInAuthorizers.DropBox);

Get Authorize Url

var authorizeUrl = _authorizer.GetAuthorizeUrl(AppKey, RedirectUrl, StateString);

Get Access Token

var token = _authorizer.GetAccessToken(AppKey, AppSecret, RedirectUrl, code);
var accessToken = token.AccessToken;


  1. Register an app with the OAuth Service Provider (example, DropBox)
  2. Registering the app will give you the AppKey and AppSecret.
  3. While registering the app, you will have to provide the Redirect URL as part of the registration process.
  4. Most service providers allow http://localhost for development purposes.
  5. For production usage, a secure redirect url (https://) is required, at the time of registration.

The package currently supports Box, DropBox, GitHub, WordPress out of the box. If you want to add more providers, please get in touch with me. Twitter handle: @vijayst.

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